Important Information

Lil Big South is held over a very popular weekend in the city of Atlanta making it harder to get good hotels and decent rates. We have contracted a group of hotels for everyone to help you find the right property.


NEW this year, Lil Big South has put together a STAY & SAVE program available to each team.  Please read below for more information.

*NOTE: Each team must utilize 80% of the contracted room nights based on the originally booked number of rooms.​​

If you need additional assistance with hotel selections, please contact Jessica Turnbull at and we'd be glad to assist you. 


Team STAY & SAVE Program

STAY & SAVE Program:

  • Any team using the Stay and Save Program will receive a “rebate” on their entry fee. 

    • 3-day event :  reduction of $625 entry fee to $550 and the

    •  2-day event:  reduction of $425 entry fee to $380.

  • Booking requirements

    • Each team in the 3-day event is required to book and maintain  8 room nights.

    • Each team in the 2-day event is required to book and maintain  4 room nights.

  • Reservations have to be made through THS within our block of hotels.

  • Rebate will be mailed back to the club directors after the event.

  • How to be Eligible for Stay & Save

    • Register and pay to attend LBS

    • Go online and book your hotels (button below)

    • Your confirmed reservations will automatically flow through to your SportWrench profile.

    • We will send your club a entry fee “rebate” for each team that utilized our hotels after the event.

Sept.30, 10am EST
  • Team registration for event entry opens

Sept.30th, 10am EST
Nov. 4, 10am EST
  • Housing for General Reservations Opens

  • Must be entered and paid in the event in order to access

Nov. 4th, 10am EST
Nov.30, 12pm EST
  • Rooming List Deadline

Nov. 30th, 12pm EST

Other Reservation Information

  • Hotel Reservations open November 4th, 2021 at 10am EST

  • Individual and group-based booking options are provided

  • Reservations made at multiple hotel properties, under multiple names will apply towards the program.

  • Teams must be registered and paid before a reservation can be made.

  • Each reservation must be associated with a team and as such, any cancellation may affect the STAY & SAVE status of that team.

  • Group reservations must utilize 80% of the contracted room nights based on the originally booked number of rooms.

  • Group rooming lists are due 30 days out from the first day of the event.

  • Cancellations can be processed on-line.

  • Some hotels in the downtown area may have a 3-night minimum.


Hotel List

  • TBD 2022

Hotel List


  • For all hotel questions regarding your reservations, please contact THS directly at (888) 536-8326.