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Important Information

Lil' Big South is a STAY & PLAY event. As a “STAY & PLAY” event, acceptance into the tournament requires that teams maintain a confirmed hotel reservation within our event housing block, as well as register and pay the entry fee.  Minimum room nights apply. 

If you believe you are a local club, please contact to confirm. Do not assume you are considered a local team.


General Reservations

General Hotel Reservations will open October 11th, 2023 at 10am EST (TBD for 2025)

  • Individual and group-based booking options are provided

  • Teams must be registered and paid before a reservation can be made.

  • Each reservation must be associated with a team and as such, any cancellation may effect the acceptance status of that team.

    • Reservations made at multiple hotel properties and under multiple names, can apply towards the program​

  • Each team is required to have 10 room nights or more associated with their entry at all times.

  • There is a maximum limit of 13 rooms per team.

  • Each team must utilize 90% of the contracted room nights based on the originally booked number of rooms.

  • Cancellations can be processed online.

  • Some hotels in the downtown area may have a 3 night minimum

  • Making a reservation DOES NOT automatically guarantee entry into the tournament. Check SportWrench to confirm acceptance.

Book Now!
Sept.30, 10am EST
  • Team registration for event entry opens

10am EST
Oct.11, 10am EST
  • Housing for General Reservations Opens

  • Must be entered and paid in the event in order to access

Oct. 11th,
10am EST
Nov.30, 12pm EST
  • Rooming List Deadline

Nov. 30
12pm EST

Hotel List

  • LBS2025 Hotel List is not up to date

Hotel List


  • For all hotel questions regarding your reservations, please contact THS directly at (888) 536-8326.

Important Information
Hotel List
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