Important Information

NEW this year, Lil Big South has put together a STAY & SAVE program available to each team.  You can help your team reduce their entry fees by staying in one of our event hotels.  Just follow the Spectators Reservation program below and associate your reservation with your daughter’s team.  ITS THAT EASY!


Spectator Reservation Program 

  • General Hotel Reservations open November 4th, 2021 at 10am EST

  • Teams must be registered and paid before a reservation can be made.

    • Each reservation must be associated with a team and as such, any cancellation may affect the STAY & SAVE status of that team.

  • Cancellations can be processed on-line.

Sept.30, 10am EST
  • Team registration for event entry opens

Sept. 30, 10am EST
Nov. 4, 10am EST
  • Housing for General Reservations Opens

  • Must be entered and paid in the event in order to access

Nov. 4th, 10am EST
Nov. 30, 12pm EST
  • Rooming List Deadline

Nov. 30th, 12pm EST

Hotel List

  • TBD 2022

Hotel List


  • For all hotel questions regarding your reservations, please contact THS directly at (888) 536-8326.