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Foreign teams will be contacted approximately one month prior to the event for roster information. You will be asked to fill out an Excel spreadsheet and send it back to us to upload into SportWrench. 



  • For teams ages 18-11s

    • ​All Foreign Teams are eligible to participate in any non-qualifying age division of Lil' Big South.

  • For additional details on Foreign Team or Foreign Individual participation, please refer to the USAV website.​


Registration Requirements

  • A Foreign Team (registered with its National Volleyball Federation) may participate if the team:

    • Registers and pays the entry fee

    • Contacts if you do not know your FJ code. 

    • Complies with the Stay & Play housing policy

    • Is not representing its country in an official capacity

What We Need From You:

  • A Letter of Good standing granted by your federation of origin
  • Fill out the Foreign Summary Team Participation Form (one form per team)
  • Fills out the Foreign Participant Registration Form (one form per player)
  • IMPACT certifications (CAP, Levels I, II, or III) For all staff members who plan to sit on the bench

  • A copy of Birth Certificates for all players and coaches​

  • Purchase of the foreign participant insurance, which will be provided by USA Volleyball for $100 U.S. Dollars. (Please bring to the event site the day before play)

  • For more information on the Summary of Coverage, click here.

  • A waiver to the foreign participant insurance fee shall be granted to Canadians who provide written proof of 24-hour health coverage valid in the United States.


Payment Options

  • From SportWrench, you can pay online or mail in a check.


    • By credit card or ACH (bank check).  The date of receipt will be recorded as the moment we receive confirmation that your payment has been verified.


    • If you choose to mail a check, print an invoice from SportWrench and mail it to us with your entry fee. The date of receipt will be the time we receive your check and entry application in our office. 

  • Send the check & application payable to:

Lil' Big South

2812 West Price Avenue,

Tampa, FL 33611

Please send one check per team

Reg Requirements
Payment Options
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