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Live Streaming for LBS!

We understand that not everyone will be able to join us this MLK weekend, so we have teamed up with SportWrench to provide our participating teams with access to low cost streaming at Lil' Big South.

Now, a chosen parent per team can stream to friends and family who can’t be there, as well as record a high definition copy to their device to share later. High-speed Wifi access will be provided by SportWrench and there is no fee to use the software. This team-focused method has several benefits:

  • Parents who record tend to make sure everything is operating correctly and that the camera hasn’t been knocked to the ground and that the score is correct.

  • By reducing equipment and labor costs, a small one time fee per viewer for the weekend can be charged instead of locking people into monthly or yearly subscriptions.

  • Access to the stream is provided by a link so it is easy for members who are not attending to watch their athlete in their preferred browser.

At this time, every head coach as well as each club director has be sent information about how to broadcast and stream your matches this weekend.

If you were selected as the team “videographer,” please reach out to your head coach for the code to enable your iOS device to stream as well as a link to instructions. If you are a family member or friend who cannot attend, but still wish to view the stream, the head coach also has a quick link to make sign up easy. The matches with scores will be easy to watch on any modern browser on your computer, tablet, or phone. It is our hope that every team will take advantage of the free WiFi and Action Clip software to share their games. Before you sign up for your team’s streams, please make sure the team has someone who has volunteered to broadcast the games. Below you will find the buttons for how to purchase your streaming ticket which you will need to watch matches. Please follow those instructions first. Once you have done so, please click the how to watch streaming button. Both will have step-by-step instructions on how to watch play this weekend! The chosen streamer will need an iPhone 11 or newer running the latest operating system.

See You Soon!


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