• LBS2022

Tickets are LIVE!

Tickets for the 2020 season are now live!

Please review some important spectator admission information below or

visit our Spectator Admission page for more information.

  • Children 10 & Under are free

  • Minors without ID will need to be with an adult at all times to enter

  • Spectators will need to present their individual assigned QR code and a corresponding photo ID in order to enter

  • Ticket counters will open at 7:15am

  • Access for spectators will begin at 7:15am

  • Spectators will have a separate entrance from players and coaches 

  • Individual players, not a whole team, may accompany their parent through the Spectators Entrance

  • Chaperones and parents cannot enter during the early access period

Online Purchase Price:

Daily - $18

Weekend - $38

Onsite Purchase Price:

Daily - $20

Weekend - $40

Click the image to purchase!

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