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LBS & the GWCC's ACF -- Facts and Information

As a follow up to our previous communication and our promise to keep you well informed and updated, we have attached the GWCC's most recent release of their Safe Environment Guide. Our staff has also gone ahead and pulled out what we believe to be the most crucial points from this document and from our numerous conversations with the GWCC leadership and listed them below for your convenience. We will continue to forward information form communications or documentation we receive.

  • Buildings A and C are on complete opposite ends of the campus — it is just under a mile apart. See image below for reference

  • Each building of the GWCC has its own HVAC system, but in addition the ACF (Alternate Care Facility) has created a secure “bubble" within building A that has a completely contained air filtration and cleansing system.

  • The ACF is not a walk-up care facility. All patients will be transported by ambulance from Grady Hospital and unloaded in the A docks, located underground — an area that no GWCC staff, LBS staff, participants or teams will have access to.

  • The GWCC staff will not be servicing, or have credentials to access any area of Building A.

  • The ACF will have an outside food and beverage provider so no members of the GWCC food service team, who will be serving our event, will have access to building A.

  • Guards will be posted to ensure that all entry and exit protocols are followed by ACF staff, GWCC staff and all other event attendees and participants.

  • No medical and/or assisting personnel associated with the ACF will have access to exit Building A and enter other parts of the GWCC.

  • No one will be able to enter the GWCC using the lobby doors at the most southern point near the Omni that go directly into Building A.

  • No one will be able to use the Building A lobby entrance that is by the coffee shop in the Main Lobby of the GWCC.

  • The GWCC has received GBAC Star accreditation for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention and will continue to offer excellent service throughout our event.

We feel confident that the ACF should in no way compromise the safety of LBS participants and attendees and will be working with our LBS Medical Team, GWCC administration/staff and local officials to further enhance our current safety protocols. Parents, we ask that you funnel any questions/concerns to your club director instead of contacting our help line directly so that they can put together all questions from their parents in one email. This will allow our help line to not feel overwhelmed, and allow them to give their full attention to each director's email, and answer all questions at a timely manner.

Again, we will continue to share information as we receive it to ensure that we are keeping all our attendees and teams up to date. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and we will see you soon!

GWCC COVID-19 Update 2-28-20
Download PDF • 77KB

Best, The Lil' Big South Staff

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